Cyrus -“A well built online web based Credit Society software”

Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd. Company is an online web based Credit Society Software in India built especially for Credit Society Software with automatic posting of business data to accounts module. Cyrus is a .NET based centralized database online software for Credit Society Software with core banking operations such Fixed Deposit(FD), Recurring Deposits(RD), Daily Deposit Schemes(DDS), Loan to clients, Monthly Income Schemes(MIS), Dividend declarations etc. We provide Credit Society Software for the rural area banks and are  Credit software used in small rural areas. And this is controlled by group of people.


This software  employed for dealing within the banks and efficiently by using English language.Includes all analysis of daily transactions and total deposit, loans etc. It reduces paper work, correct and data at a press of button. Generates record with in the same time.

Exporter and Service Provider of  Services, credit Society Software Services, Fixed Deposit(Fd), Recurring deposit(Rd), Loan processing, saving account(SA), Current account(CA) and Credit Society Software offered by Microfinance Software Company..

Cyrus has integrated General Accounting Module with Cash-Bank Book and General Ledgers, Trial Balance, Day Book, Fix Deposit(FD), Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet etc. Fully secured  and database with role based security implementation in Credit Society Software.

Cyrus has been working in software development since last 5+years. In that period we have design lot of websites & software, Credit Society Software is one of them. Before developed and that our experts research on that in very deep and understood the thought additionally.

After more research on that we started the work to develop the “Credit Society” software. Our team thought that lot of limitation and window base like core banking, real time updating is not available etc, so we decided to develop that application on Web. We also provide services at very reasonable rate with efficient and quality work, that, when any one needs a Credit Society Software company; We are always there to work with you.

We provide the software with the following features-

Multi-State: It can manage all the states and respective branches.

Multi-Operator: It can create any number of operators to work on software and you can provide rights accordingly.

User-Friendly: The software is easy to operate and is very user friendly


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