Nidhi Software Development Business in India

Cyrus Technoedge Solution Pvt Ltd. is a Software producer company moving on the business of a non-banking financial organization. It is a non-banking financial software Development Company doing the business of lending and borrowing with its members or shareholders. The government has set up law for the Security of the deposit in the company to which the cradle is with authorization necessary. Cyrus is fully complied with capital satisfactorily norms set by the government. The Primary objective of our organization is to cultivate the habit of savings among our members.

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The software Security is always a big concern for Cyrus. We have implemented Role Based Security Model in Cooperative Society Software for reliable and secured operations of the software. We have maintained the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the Society Software through Authentication and Authorization. We have expertise in developing dynamic and database driven websites for co-operative societies. Making society online serves numerous purposes. All information required by members or prospective members are available on the website. Members can access their accounts/transactions anywhere in the world.

We focus on developing Nidhi Company software Website Company package that may alter your business processes, creating your organization simpler and responsive, and saving you time and cash. Nidhi Software package is made to accomplish your distinct desires. It is each cheaper than off-the-peg package solutions and, of course, way more powerful. You’ll cut back the hours required to perform time-intensive management and body tasks, up potency, driving out price and increasing gain. We tend to follow enterprise wide quality policy that is outlined and measurable. Our method and methodologies area perpetually monitored, updated to stay pace with the new innovations in technology and customer’s desires.

Online Software for Cooperative Society – Finsuperb

Cyrus Technoedge is an online Society Management Software & administration and Society Software Accounting solution which can be used by Cooperative Society Software to their benefit for effective administration of Society affairs. Our online technology helps to bring in efficiency and transparency in the way society affairs are managed and also contribute towards building a Greener Society by promoting paperless administration and Management of Societies.

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It is one of the best solution for Housing Society Software accounting and billing. Our billing software can accommodate all kinds of maintenance bill settings as may be required by different Societies and the accounts postings are automated to minimize accounting efforts. It’s an automated accounting software which promotes digitization of complete books of account.

Society Accounts

  • Maintenance Bills
  • Statutory Registers & Documents
  • Manage Meetings
  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Members Complaint
  • Manage Society Investments
  • Facility Management

fin superb Benefits

  • With such a economical software you can bring down your expenses and increase the profit. It will reduce the daily stress of the society heads and make the information available on real time and accessible from anywhere.
  • Accounting – It is so simple that it can easily operate by anyone
  • Expense and Maintenance management – Helps you to manage each due and expense etc. Control your inventory expenses and help your manage your assets
  • Communication – Auto payment reminders, Visitor/Maid Alerts etc. will make communication faster and also increase transparency to avoid miscommunication among the Society Software members.

Housing Cooperative Society Management Software in India

Cyrus Technoedge is a web-based Housing Society Management Software for residential and commercial complexes & Housing Societies. It has placed its firm steps in the society management industry and won hearts of a lot of happy customers.

We at Cyrus Technoedge is giving successful and comprehensive services to Co-operative Housing Society Software. We are the Experts in Computerized Billing & Accounts Services to Housing Societies. With the changing Ages in Housing Societies management, we have Simplified Housing Societies Management Professionally.

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When the Billing & Accounts are combined with professional management make the life simpler for our clients. With our consistent performances and smilingly connecting with peoples, makes us there first choice. Our Aim is to Deliver Absolutely reliable services with the only goal that is Customers Satisfaction.


  • Members Management
  • Agent Management
  • Accounts Management with Transactions
  • Deposit Management with Transactions
  • Customer Management
  • Pending Management
  • Printing Management
  • Printing Management
  • Payout and Commissions
  • Utilities

Add on Modules:

  • Website Designing and Development
  • Saving Account Management
  • Loan Management System
  • Payroll Management
  • Share and Dividend Management
  • Android Application (Agents)

Integrations possible with:

  • POS Machine Integration Module with Device
  • Finger Print Scanner
  • Thumb Impression
  • Webcam photo Viewer
  • Mobile Recharge / Utility Bill payment Service
  • MLM System
  • E-Pin Management
  • SMS Based Software Via SMS Offline

Get Automated software for Nidhi Company in India

Welcome to Cyrus Technoedge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in India Get Automated software for Nidhi Company in India. We provide the Nidhi Company SOFTWARE with customization as per client needs at best price all over the India with Full Data Security.

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Society Software also known as RD FD Software provided by Cyrus Technoedge Solutions Company and it is simple and easy to understand. Our process and methodologies are persistently monitored, efficient to keep pace with the new innovations in technology and customer’s requirements. A person can master this software in short time with basic computer knowledge.

Nidhi Software to Manage Nidhi (Mutual Benefit Company) Effectively

  • Manage each and every record with user friendly interface
  • Website Integration & Online Access to Members/Subscribers
  • Document wallet to manage all important documents at one place
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for best service & support to members
  • Reports like dues, intimations, account copy, prized subscribers etc.
  • Fully featured dashboard, which gives you abstract details of your entire financial
  • transaction activities
  • Multi-User System
  • Flexibility to Work From Anywhere


  • Loan Request
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Re-Payment
  • Automatic Interest Calculation
  • Daily Instalment Receiving
  • Late Fine Calculation
  • Penalty Interest, Notice Charge etc
  • Loan Sanction Letter(Computerised)
  • Property Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Loan Closing


  • F.D.
  • R.D.
  • M.I.S
  • R.D. Renewal
  • Daily Deposit
  • M.I.S. Cheque
  • F.D./R.D./M.I.S. Money Receipt (Computerized)
  • M.I.S. Cheque (Computerized)
  • F.D. Certificate (Computerized)
  • Interest calculation & Int. Provision
  • F.D. Renewal , Close etc
  • F.D./R.D./M.I.S. Certificate (Computerized)
  • Pass Book Print
  • Pass Book Reprint


  • Claim Entry
  • Document Submit Entry
  • Disbursement Entry
  • Payment Entry
  • Transfer to S/B A/c. Entry
  • Dispute
  • Reports (Claim, Disbursement, Payment)


  • Branch to Branch Cash Transfer
  • Branch Receiving
  • Associate Monthly Voucher Transfer To Savings A/c
  • Savings A/c To Recurring A/c
  • Savings A/c to Loan recovery A/c
  • MIS to Savings A/c

 General Accounting

  • Account Head Creation
  • Sub-Account Head Creation
  • Bank Creation
  • Income Entry
  • Expenditure Entry
  • Bank Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Profit & Loss A/c
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Income & Expenditure Sheet/Cash Sheet Printing


Welcome to Cyrus Technoedge Nidhi software Demo Company

Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd. has vast experience in development of Nidhi Company Software. We have developed Nidhi Software Demo with continuous research in Nidhi or Mutual Benefit Fund with guidance of all experienced people, who are running such institutions.

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We studied exact and practical working of Nidhi along with the common problems faced by these organizations, and on the basis of this analysis and research we have developed this software. Nidhi Company Software is developed by our vast experienced professionals with full data security. It helps you in concentrating on your marketing and customer management activities by speeding up your work.

Key Features of Nidhi Software

  • Maintain Customer Details
  • Reducing your of Nidhi software
  • Efficiently Handle Amount Collection Details
  • Reports are Generated instantly
  • Can Competently Manage Account Details
  • Allows The User Creation As Per The Permission Given By The Admin
  • Member/Subscriber Ledger

Advantages of Nidhi Software

  • Cost-Reduction
  • Customization
  • Accounting Integration
  • User-Friendly
  • Versatility
  • Sociability
  • Security

Nidhi Company is the Cyrus which deals in financial activities and hence the data of the members is highly important, therefore you need a Society Software to manage. The system of Nidhi Company is so complex that with software it is impossible to manage the Nidhi Company. If you are really serious about the building a finance business then you must have proper reports from this which our software shall provide. Cyrus Technoedge software on Nidhi Company is the best software in the market, you will get to know one you use it. 


Software for Cooperative Society at Best Price in India

In this scheme the depositor deposits on the basis of the month and at the end of the month, derives the requisite sum besides the interest. For an organization who desires to set the ball rolling with the RD-FD MIS scheme and other , it will be hard as it will fall flat in managing task all the transactions and the calculation of the interest manually. In this regard, they need the tare plan. It manages all the full growth reports, transnational reports, list of the customers, and installment due report RD FD Software and other types of the reports.

RD FD Software Demo jaipurWith intense human efforts it still too does not become feasible. Hence, the support of Cyrus is pertinent.This RD FD Software Demo can make the process of Agent customer registration, growth calculation and the calculation of commission and Persistent Deposits Systems, per Weekly Monthly Yearly Systems, First Create deposit Program, Even Company can manage their own plans, Agent I-Card, bond or certificate print and definitive. Or you can say this Software for Cooperative Society provide a lot Features of mini bank software, NBFC Software, Micro finance Software and cooperative bank software.

Features of RD FD Software

Easy RD FD management system
Branch Management
Staff Management
Installment Master
Agent Management
Agent Commission Master
Agent Commission Statement

Software for Cooperative Society in India- Best Nidhi Software

Cyrus Technoedge Pvt. Ltd. has vast experience in development of Nidhi Company Software. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product, we deliver customized efficient, salable and strong solutions. Cyrus works like core banking solution.

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Nidhi Company software has various wonderful banking options like such as FD, RD, Daily Cash Account, Saving Accounts and Loan Accounts and has additional modules Integration to handle multi branches, multi user entry and reporting operations. Cyrus believes in STEP – service, efficiency and performance, teamwork. They believes in STEP – service, teamwork, potency and performance. Our existing customer’s testimony about our expertise and best in class services for the Nidhi software. We have a tendency to square measure giving the best level Nidhi software in affordable price. If you want to start Nidhi Software with a big banking security based mostly software, we will give you the simplest solutions.

A Nidhi software should want this software as by exploitation all the things will get simple to manage under one roof like, all of our branches, employees, operators, agents, customers, policies, deposits, with drawls, loans, saving accounts different completely different schemes, Reporting and lots more.

We have full-blown Software for Cooperative Society with sustained research in Nidhi Software Demo or Mutual Benefit Fund with guidance of all experienced people, who are running such institutions. We have a new tendency studied exact and practical working of Nidhi along with the common problems faced by these organizations, and on the basis of this analysis and analysis we have developed this software. Nidhi Software is developed by our infinite experienced professionals with full data in formations security

Advantages of Nidhi Software

Cost- Reduction


Accounting Integration

User- Friendly


Software Domain Specialization & Expertise outlook

Expertise in Solution building as per client requirement

Feel Good Environment while working in software – Fully Responsive

Software for Credit Cooperative Society Software

Credit Co-operative Society Software i.e. designed & developed by Cyrus Technoedge Solution is one of the moral multi state credit cooperative society software offered in the production lengthwise with Nidhi Software & Co-operative Society Software. Society Software is a .NET based national database online software for Credit Society with core banking operations such Fixed Deposit (FD), Recurring Deposits (RD), Daily Deposit Schemes (DDS), Loan to Customers, MIS, Dividend declarations etc. The built of the architecture is strong to handle the large database and transactions of the company up to any level. There is a whole new section for the research in the product and develop the operations is one of the reason that we are pioneer in the credit Software.

Society software

All Software for credit society software demo management developed under the brand FIN Superb. All Software has exclusively designed and developed for credit society means our company provides fully web-based a real time application for Multi state credit society can be customized according to client requirement

The software has feature of high to adopt the current and future requirements of the client organization. Credit Society market is very high market and need a continuous change to keep Company competitive our support team do continuous improvement to make the software flexible. As our commitment for our all software we always try that our software do not become a burden on our clients pocket so We also provide services at very reasonable rate with efficient and quality work, that, when any one use a software for cooperative society company.

Our software can be compatible to different brands of marketing plans carrying well defined amounts. Obviously, the rates of interest also vary from one plan to another. This unique product of Cyrus Technoedge will precisely help you in each and every step.

Advance Nidhi Software Demo for Nidhi Company

Cyrus Technoedge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Provides a Nidhi Company Software in India for recurring and fixed deposits. This is a sort of Mini Banking Software .A client can have an account with the company and deposit the money in the shape of FD or we can say the amount can be paid in a single section to grow with the company while in recurring deposits the same amount can be paid in multiple but equal Section.

nidhi software jaipur india

The RD (Recurring Deposit) / FD (Fixed Deposit) Software offered by Cyrus Company will provide you an immense numbers of facilities. Our Nidhi Software Provides the convenience for agent and client agreement registration and agreement mattress calculation and other commission calculation and other claim calculation.

Our Cyrus and RD & FD with the highest level security are widely used in India and we provide comprehensive technical support and continuance program for RD FD Software and other software. Our Developed RD FD Software not have a limited feature, we also customized software products according customer plan need. Just go for one of our best RD FD software products and the success will be all yours.

The Software for Cooperative Society organization are those who takes deposits and the people and provides the loans. RD (Recurring Deposit) the people deposits a quantity of amount to the company on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis and after a fixed time he/she returned a matured amount with interest to the depositor. FD the person deposit a sum of amount for a fixed time of period suppose for six year. After six years the FD become mature and he/she returned with interest.